I hit goal!

Posted: February 6, 2016 in General Information

July 22, 2014: I have been on weight watchers since January 3, 2013 and finally hit my weight loss goal today! Down 88 pounds!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

2014-07-22 09.45.27


July 14 – 17, 2014: Time for another Cub Scout summer day camp. I volunteered again this year and ran the field sports station for the entire camp. There were several cool sport things we did but the most fun was the life-size foosball game!

Z was put in a group of Webelos and rotated to different stations each day. He loves day camp and gets to do so many cool things at camp! This year he excelled at the bbgun range and won the Webelos bbgun shooting competition. He got the closest shot on the card. Super cool dude! He got to cook, make a puppet and put on a show, make wood crafts, throw hammers, do relays, field sports, shoot arrows and bbguns, and he even got to camp out on the last night there with his Dad. Together they pitched their tent, cooked their meals, went geocaching and had a campfire.

I even got to travel camp one day with his group and I got to shoot arrows. I sure had a great time getting to experience some of Z’s last Cub Scout camp he will have since he will be transitioning into Boy Scouts soon. Cub Scout day camp is always a blast and Z and I always come home super tired!

2014-07-14 15.20.372014-07-15 14.37.042014-07-15 14.39.15-22014-07-15 14.42.29-32014-07-16 15.07.332014-07-17 09.33.542014-07-17 09.34.042014-07-17 09.38.282014-07-17 10.38.472014-07-17 10.57.542014-07-17 12.00.382014-07-17 12.07.09-1-12014-07-17 12.07.11-22014-07-17 13.02.042014-07-17 13.52.472014-07-17 14.36.412014-07-17 15.13.322014-07-17 16.34.222014-07-17 16.48.252014-07-17 19.57.342014-07-17 20.07.242014-07-17 20.30.022014-07-18 08.23.142014-07-18 08.53.342014-07-18 10.34.192014-07-18 10.35.342014-07-18 10.38.192014-07-18 11.18.50IMG_4515IMG_4517IMG_4529IMG_4534IMG_4536IMG_4540IMG_4545IMG_4565IMG_4568

July 2, 2014: Z and I went to the Point Defiance Zoo with L and her kids. It was a gorgeous day outside and absolutely perfect for a new zoo exploration. We got to pet stingray, ride camels, hand feed birds, watch a cute animal show, and see lots of cool animals. Z even took a bunch of pictures. He is the one that took the cool tiger and squirrel picture. What a great day with friends!

2014-07-02 12.55.112014-07-02 13.12.54-12014-07-02 13.21.512014-07-02 13.43.122014-07-02 13.53.002014-07-02 14.15.012014-07-02 14.19.522014-07-02 14.37.012014-07-02 14.38.392014-07-02 14.51.232014-07-02 14.52.102014-07-02 15.19.242014-07-02 16.10.032014-07-02 17.13.162014-07-02 17.17.432014-07-02 17.50.51DSCN2211DSCN2224DSCN2321DSCN2328DSCN2354DSCN2399photo1photo4

Z and Roo

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June 22 – 27, 2014: C (Roo) came to stay with us again. Z and C are the bestest of friends and they always have a great time together! We always stop at the store to stock up on junk food for the boys and today was no different. Check out the shopping cart of crap.

The boys had such a blast! They played video games, Jenga, played outside, had their trampoline time, had water fights, went roller skating, went to the indoor pool fun place in Lynnwood, went to the park, and gobs more stuff. Love these boys so much!!!2014-06-22 16.01.082014-06-22 16.47.532014-06-24 22014-06-24 13.58.082014-06-24 14.15.322014-06-24 14.17.20-12014-06-24 14.18.482014-06-24 14.39.232014-06-25 13.54.392014-06-25 14.10.242014-06-25 15.18.302014-06-25 17.06.372014-06-26 12.57.012014-06-27 11.17.38

More fishing

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Weekend Activities

June 19, 2014: More fishing and hubby set up our tent condo in the front yard. I know…it is small but we make due 🙂

2014-06-19 17.27.232014-06-19 18.29.182014-06-19 18.43.312014-06-20 12.58.492014-06-20 12.59.44

Last day of 4th grade

Posted: January 30, 2016 in School

June 18, 2014: Last day of school and the kids presented his teacher with a big bag full of goodies. Z got a great report card and scored on the cash and gifts. 4th grade is DONE!!! Peace out!

2014-06-18 11.13.142014-06-18 11.14.182014-06-18 11.16.392014-06-18 11.21.462014-06-18 14.29.29photo 2

Hike and Mariners

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June 14, 2014: Hubby and Z went on a day hike with C and his Dad. They had such a great time checking out stuff. Later that evening we went to the Mariners vs. Texas Rangers baseball game with our Cub Scout pack. Of course Z wore his Texas Rangers hat to irritate everyone :-).

2014-06-14 10.30.472014-06-14 11.58.132014-06-14 11.59.182014-06-14 12.12.282014-06-14 13.13.052014-06-14 13.13.252014-06-14 14.18.032014-06-14 14.48.522014-06-14 19.05.352014-06-14 19.06.372014-06-14 19.07.332014-06-14 19.08.332014-06-14 19.08.412014-06-14 19.09.022014-06-14 19.12.362014-06-14 21.11.252014-06-14 21.16.292014-06-14 21.23.18


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June 13, 2014: Z went fishing with hubby. We lived super close to the lake so they would go every once in a while. The boy caught a big fish. They catch and release so no fishes were harmed.

2014-06-13 17.34.042014-06-13 18.39.43-12014-06-13 18.39.47-1

Student led conference

Posted: January 30, 2016 in School

June 11, 2014 – Z did his student led conference at school and we got a picture of him with his teacher.

2014-06-11 11.49.532014-06-11 12.44.47

Outside chores

Posted: January 30, 2016 in Being Silly with Mom and Dad

June 8, 2014: Z actually washed my van. YAY! Then they played water balloons. I sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather. I was thrilled that I actually fit sitting in the step stool. I have lost about 90 pounds and was so excited that I had hubby take this picture. B thinks he is so funny demonstrating what my chest used to look like and now looks like since the weight loss. Nice…..

2014-06-08 15.16.202014-06-08 15.17.112014-06-08 15.24.112014-06-08 15.42.172014-06-08 16.24.072014-06-08 16.37.562014-06-08 16.38.192014-06-10 22.11.52